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Coffee Drinks

Enjoy coffee at one of our tables, or take it to go.

Enjoy coffee at one of our tables, or take it to go.

Espresso Shot single  double
Americano – espresso with hot water
Shot in the Dark – espresso in brewed coffee
Cappuccino – espresso with all milk foam (dry) or half foam half steamed milk (wet)
Latte – espresso with mostly steamed milk and a little foam
Breve – espresso with steamed half and half.
Dark Mocha – bakery made hot chocolate with espresso and whipped cream
White Mocha – espresso, white chocolate syrup, steamed milk, whipped cream.
Almond Joy Latte – a latte with almond and coconut syrups, and whipped cream.
Hazelnut Mocha – dark mocha with the addition of hazelnut
Blondie – latte with white chocolate and caramel syrups

  • Try any drink iced !!

Brewed Coffee

We have served Colorado’s Allegro Coffee since 1991. Simply the best, with over 3 decades of beneficial cooperation with their growers

Organic Teas

  • Tea by the cup
  • Loose Leaf Tea Bag
  • Pot of Tea
  • Iced Tea
  • Flavored Iced Tea

cappuccinoOregon Chai

  • Chai Latte
  • Dirty Chai
  • Iced …. Chai


Steamed Milk with your favorite syrup added, topped with whipped cream
(top sellers : vanilla, caramel, hazelnut)

Hot Chocolate

Our own Bakery made mix, topped with
whipped cream

Mayan Hot Chocolate

Our hot chocolate with just enough chili and cinnamon to make it interesting

Italian Soda

your favorite flavored syrup with club soda, and a splash of half and half over ice, topped with whipped cream